It’s no longer necessary to travel all the way to the United States to discover marshmallows. Ever since 1988 Confiserie Van Damme have been producing an exciting and top quality range, designed to delight your taste buds. In fact, our experience is entirely at the service of your creativity, enabling us to provide you with an extensive range of customised shapes and wrappings.

Confiserie Van Damme is proud to be a sound company where deep-seated traditions are blended with cutting-edge technology. We are constantly innovating in terms of flavours, shapes and packaging, and the extended shelf-life of our sweets is your guarantee of a top quality product. Your ideas are the source from which we draw our inspiration, creating tasty confectionery that also looks great on the shelves in your store.

In 2012 Confiserie Van Damme processed over 5000 tons of product. That would never have been possible without your trust and confidence in the approach we take. This is why we will be continuing in the future to do everything we can to fit in seamlessly with your requirements. Together we have a very sweet future ahead of us!